OAS Conference 2018


Bag searches and other searches

If asked, you must allow our security officers to search your bags when you enter the Museum. A list of items that we do not allow you to bring into the Museum is displayed in the search areas at the entrances to the Museum. If, on searching your bag, our security officers find any of these items (or any similar item that may be a risk to the collection, building, staff or other visitors) they will remove it, and return it to you when you leave the Museum. If our security officers find an illegal item in your bag they will confiscate it, and hand it to the police. At our discretion we may ask our security officers to carry out more general searches as a condition of entry to the Museum. The reason for such a search will be explained and it will be conducted by security officers of the same sex as the visitor who is searched.

Security entrance and wait time

If you arrive before 9am, you will be let through the right gate, but are still subject to being checked by security. After 9am, arrivals will be let in through the left gate and directed to the fast track through the security tent. Please allow additional time for this security check upon arrival to make sure you do not become frustrated with any extra wait time you may experience.


You will be asked to produce your ticket at Security. Security will have a list of delegates but you MUST bring your ticket with you.

Visitor Services and Security staff

Our Visitor Services and Security staff are identifiable by their British Museum identity passes. They are authorised by the Museum to require you to comply with these visitor regulations or any directions given under them. If our security officers believe you are intoxicated or behaving antisocially or that your conduct causes or is likely to cause risk, annoyance or disturbance to other visitors, to our staff, to the collection or to property, you may be refused admission to the Museum, you may be asked to leave and/or you may be escorted from the Museum.

Cloakrooms and luggage

You must not bring into the Museum any item of luggage which has a size greater than 40x40x50cm or a weight greater than 8kg. Wheeled cases are not allowed onto the Museum premises.

Film, photography

You may use your photographs, scanned data, film and audio recordings only for your own private and non-commercial purposes, which include use in personal, non-commercial social media profiles, blogs and websites provided no further commercial reuse of the content is permitted by the terms of use of the social media platform or website. More information about uses that we regard as ‘commercial’ may be found on the British Museum website.


You are not permitted to cycle or ride a scooter on the Museum’s forecourt. You may leave your bicycle in the racks provided on the forecourt at your own risk. You are not permitted to bring folding bicycles or adult scooters inside the Museum, nor are they accepted in the cloakrooms.

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